"It's A Treat" Farm / Bed & Breakfast

We are Dave & Shirley Treat, two people who enjoy the company of other people  and  are willing to share  God 's blessings. We have  also seen the light when it comes to organic food.

We are a Mom and Pop business, committed to raising and selling our beef to people who understand the major benefits of not ingesting chemicals, growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. Our farm is situated on the rolling hills of Southern middle Tennessee. Life is good and peaceful here, and our animals seem to pick up on that as they contently graze on the natural pasture. We are also sure you will be infused with the same serenity when you enjoy your stay with us at "It's A Treat"               Bed & Breakfast.

We are what we eat.

Did you ever hear that phrase? We can't stress enough how true that statement has proven to be. Please go to these websites to learn more.



"It's A Treat" Farm / Bed & Breakfast

Dave & Shirley Treat

61 Remke Road

Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 38464